Soundtrack Poll: Water, Earth, Combat

Which soundtrack should I use for an ocean type place?

Which soundtrack should I use for a nature/forest type place?

Which soundtrack should I use for when a player is in combat?

The ocean should be renamed to
deep seas theme tbh

I don’t know the context but that kind of stuff definitely sounds like a water temple more than the ocean in the outside world

I would vote for Minecraft music in other context but they really don’t fit a forest unless it’s some weird dreamy and fantasy forest

Not much to say about the last one, but I’ll go for the classic

Should’ve been Water, Earth, Steel or Water, Earth, Blood.

Also it depends on the theme, like for the ocean songs you selected I don’t have much an idea how threatening these waters are, all I can say is that Water World works very specifically in really treacherous deep seas where there is a constant sense of danger, great isolation/easy to drown in or an extremely intense mysterious vibe, although it does that specific job very well.

In terms for something above-surface it could also work in something Bermuda Triangle-like, for an immediate example the Dark Seas.

Shunji is more versatile and fits more broad situations, though best in any vast seas with much to explore (especially underwater).

Both these themes will work best undersea rather than at the surface.

The forest songs all seem to be conveying a similar mood so I’m gonna assume they are for the most part calm.

Haggstrom seems to convey a feeling from a wonderous exploration free of danger but still versatile.
Subwoofer has more intimidating parts near the middle but still calm, better for something you would use in a vast, dense woods easier to get lost in, or with some impending danger.

Whispering Forest’s theme gives off a very adventurous mood and would easily suit any forest similar to that of WoM (vast, massive trees, bandits thrive, not very scary at all so not really a dense woods).

Wind of Fjords seems like either a boss theme or some semi-scary theme. Battle Music is much more versatile and probably works best for what you want to achieve.

For my votes I didn’t pick anything in preference, I just picked the most versatile themes (except for combat, Battle Music just fits better for basically any situation that isn’t hyper-hyper-specific so I’d say it’s preferable.)

ohhh for the battle music i had a plan
so for my game the max level is probably 1000

if the player in combat is level <500, the battle music made by xi will play
if the player in combat is level 500+ the wind of fjords will play

if there are lvl <500 players and lvl 500+ players in combat with each other, the wind of fjords theme will play

or maybe the player chooses in their settings (should i make a gamepass where you can choose your song) (its probably gonna be useless becuz people can play youtube songs)