Space magic patchnotes

so yesterday i made a concept of space magic, and i went overboard and added too much. so here’s the updated variant of Space magic:

attack size - 1.15x

attack speed - still garbage (0.70x) imbuement is also garbage (0.665x)

attack damage - 0.95 (imbuement 0.85x)

terrain destruction - 0.675 (same with imbuement)

structure destruction - 0.675 (still same)

side effect duration - 5 seconds (per hit, but multiplies 1.25 times each time a player gets hit again)

DOT - 10s

chance of inflicting side effect - 40%

best goes with - conjurer cuz it looks cool

out of 10?

Okay call me like, close minded, but what are you even supposed to be summoning with space magic?

like, meteors? tiny planets? vacuums? black holes?

I dunno man this is a very broad concept for a magic :confused:

actually… you’re the opposite of close minded, because that’s a good question, cuz yes, meteors and tiny planets seem cool at first, but space magic would seem more like, stars and black holes, and an infinite void of darkness you know? tiny planets and meteors seem more like a earth and space mutation, or maybe it could be a spell shape ig (like the little editing thing where you can change the shape of the spell).

so space magic would be like

a stronger version of shadow I suppose

I mean we shouldn’t use stars as the gimmick since sun magic already exists, and I didn’t mention anything about moons because of lunar magic.

oke, i just made this magic cuz like… it would look cool on weapons


yis. also you are right about it being stronger than shadow, it’s basically a mutation of shadow and sun, thats why i mentioned black holes and stars, plus, imagine just looking for treasure at ravenna then you just sea the night sky in the distance at Rubica. fun fact: did you know that Ravenna is an actual city in Italy?

So calvus has an italian accent… interesting…

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well it’s an old city that dates back to the Roman empire, and that’s why there’s General Argos in Spartan armor, and the bronze legion wearing fucking sandals while the grand navy has boots that are more durable than my crotch in the morning. so they MIGHT have an Italian accent (by they i mean all Ravenna bosses)

rng spotted



I personally think it would look the best as space dust/nebulas with tiny stars in them.

so a stronger version of ash I suppose? interesting.

but that feels more like it’s own separate element ngl

tbh this is why I find the idea of a “space magic” so bizarre because space is an umbrella term for all kinds of cosmic phenomena

An interesting concept, however space is just too broad and is all way too different. It would be better if it was a more specific part of space such as:

Planetary Magic - Use of gravity and matter to form planets and dwarf planets to use as projectiles, or to disform and shred your foes.

Gravity Magic - Uses gravity to send waves that disrupt and kill a person from wtihin’, disrupting their gravity and their movement.

Asteroid Magic - Uses Asteroids to unleash large and powerful spells to all who stand in your way.

In regards to why you think it looks best on conjurer, I think the effect you were going for may be nebulas.

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how bought black hole magic? or maybe star magic? universal magic? basically i made this magic cuz the night sky is pretty. if it’s too broad, why don’t we simplify lightning magic into electron magic? or explosion magic with atomic magic? but overall, i think this seems logical

(don’t make a jojo reference don’t make a jojo reference DO NOT make a jojo reference)

Jojo ასწორებს


that’s what i’m saying it should look like… why do you think i made space magic?

i would say
change status effect to drain player’s air capacity and give scalded effect (human water in body boils in space)

also space has no air resistance, no friction and only mass to accelerate, so my idea is that it has low base speed but ‘curves’/‘orbits’ around objects that it passes by and gains speed, not affected by ground, of course