Spar with me?

Ok you sound a little too desperate for this… I think I will reconsider lol.

Ah, it seems I was too late to this D:

Friday I’ll be back to have more duels, this isn’t a one off thing.

Sure, I’ll be available friday!

Guess whos back and ready to be beat to a pulp :sunglasses:

I gotta get back on that wizard kaisen


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hi, I’m gonna play in like an hour

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Watch out before I pull up and crash the party :smiling_imp: (I’m EU and would have 1e9 ping

Ok I’m online if anyone wants to join (why cant I find a server with less than 12 players :sob:

lemme reset my fame rq and I’ll be there
unless you’re a bad rep or something

I’m neutral

wake up :slight_smile:

yall left right when i joined :cry:

We are getting a nimbus server

server ful rah

darn gotta switch again :sob:

maybe bronze is better for 3

maybe… gonna go back to a Bronze server

Joine me?