Spar with me?

Anyone in US servers willing to spar with me for a bit?

I need that practice yep…

So yes?


:OO im in game rn, you can tp to me (Lemme get back from dark sea rq)

I usually get 200 ping in US servers so I can also try

u can join if you want

Yeah definitely. I’m going insane from searching for Epicenter


I’m doing homework rn, and everyone’s Roblox username is on their profile.

oh ok

Anyone wanna spar for a bit until I have to leave?

I can, there’s no way to get good other than through experience (why is asking other players so hard)

im in game rn, join :smiley:

Hello. I’ve come to place dibs on that ArcJam 1v1

And you’re going to draw Maria calling me her little pogchamp

Oh shit look like Hyperion got to you first. How about a spar and an acrimony :grinning:

i’ll spar sometime hmu

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So if I lose I give you an acrimony??? :melting_face: (I’m glad Hyperion beat you to it :rofl:)

Nope I’ll give you an acrimony for that Maria pogchamp thingy :smiling_imp:

Sweet, best deal of my life (ur getting scemed my guy :joy:)

No shit sherlock I’ve seen your arts those are fire :fire:

I’m being dead serious btw I can give out more. Please anything for the Maria thirst