Sparky's Arcane odyssey trading shop

Sparky's Arcane odyssey trading shop
convenience 3.4 15 fairness 3.117647058823529 17 trustworthiness 3.5 16

Arcane odysseys Highest tier trading shop
A shop like no other.
Upon each rare weapon donated you will receive 1 of my trading points, these are recorded by me in my Microsoft excel document. Each rare armor piece will give .75 trading points. Please note that upon the release of ao more items will be able to be given to me and these will place more trading points under your name.
Thanks for listening

These trading points cannot be cashed in for anything however they will be used by me to determine who is nice and who is not nice

This is the official rating:

I will give you disdain.


everything is highly recommended and appreciated


Duck you


I will gib a hacked dark sea item ezzz
69 rating
So 6+9 = 15 stars ez


I give one crown


You’ll never get my rusty cans, never!


also this is probably one of the highest rated shops out there.

so it is good and u must donate rusty cans, old boots and smoke arrows

Bad shop

For obvious reasons.

New category for charity tbh

you’re telling me that my shop is bad?