Spear Thrower!

Was bored so decided to re-create @Helena’s new file outfit (as its now looks normal and not like “something dont know what, from where i dont know where”)


Iris v2 is crazy :skull:
Nice art though :nod::+1:


i like the art. baller but spear is cool.


Absolutely ballin’ outfit and character.

But I better see a comical amount of spears pin a White Eyes to the stone pillar beneath Palo Town or else,
cringe spear-throwing title claimer.


Idk why but it looks like it would be a title card of an animated short.

text looks like that one racial slur

ooh the glow effects are super nice !! the character design is super drippy ^^
(ain’t no way they called her Iris V2 tho :sob:)

Javelin cool

Spear Draw: Ballistic Irissile