Special attacks based on what it is

being able to make your own spells and loadout, having spells locked to each magic defeats that purpose

Suggestion out of Suggestions

This idea is unreasonable for base magics, but i think it would be good for fighting styles.

There’s not many fighting styles and even less viable ones cough cough cannon fist.

Boxing already has its blocking power passive, which definitely helps diversify itself via more than just affinities. Exclusive abilities might be a bit much, but I could see it working for lost scrolls. I think just exclusive customization would be fine.

Example 1: Some people think boxing’s knockback is fun but some think it makes it trash. Solution is to add an option to each technique for no kb, full kb, and double kb. First two are already in technique customization via the knockback checkbox. The third would give a technique boxing’s current enhanced knockback and would not be a buff because it already exists in the game.

Example 2: Thermo fist gets a new option for Focus which burns nearby players (requires heat threshold) and slightly reduces heat drain while nearby another player

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that’s what lost magics are for. common magics do not, and should not have this. they are designed to be basic on purpose.

either way–n’ i’m gonna be so fuckin’ real with you right now–i’d go so far as to say you shouldn’t have even made this post in the first place if you don’t even care about balancing (i say as someone who doesnt even fucking play pvp lol)

i think it’s good that every magic can get those spells, that way you are the one who diversifies your magics and makes them different