Speediest demon?

this assumes level cap increase or 2nd awakening at certain parts

warlock, light magic speed aura, thermo fist speed aura. this would make your attacks stupid but then light imbue plus add some agility and attack speed (calvus accessories, samurai pants and shirt, amulet?) and then you add a gel potion of light

even worse if you do as savant 2nd awakening with swift weapons like dagger/claws, rapier, and tp attack. then you also get dual imbue plus all the other added bonus’s. you’re bout to have no end or start lag

speed :running_man:

i thought it was obvious that you couldnt use aura and focus at the same time
or two auras at once

im actually going to try and make this build

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15 power :skull:

speediest demon?


we dont need power where we are going

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eaither way if you can’t when one ends you can start the other

or it share cooldown

Pretty sure this’ll just add Blinding status, I’m hoping that Agility can turn into a gel and gives attack speed tho

imagine future shura-boss armor