Speedrun = Ban

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It is just funny complain or some new information can be found there?

they have the evidence for restore though i guess

that’s been known for a while right

Getting punished for being too good at the game :pensive:

saw that a few days ago
'twas pretty funny tho

Speedrunners when AO is complete and their ass has to speed run 600 levels and 6 seas worth of content:


All in all though, this shit is pretty damn awesome. The fastest I think the game could be done is by having a fresh spawn row straight to redwake docks where a buncha people are waiting to giga boost them with cargo/sealeds. All theorycraft of course, but I think that it is in theory the fastest possible time one could get someone to max level.

Cargo from tartarus to redwake be like:

600 galleons!

You already get 100 from tyberia to redwake