Spellbreakers - Recruitment

Guild Name: Spellbreakers
Guild Status: Neutral (planning to be Dark)
Guild Owner: DoubleRun. aka Tao Graves, whyrunrun

NOTE: We are a startup guild, meaning we are extremely new and a growing community. Join now if you want to get involved early!

Greetings traveler, welcome to the Spellbreakers! We are a World of Magic neutral type guild that focuses on community!

From across the regions of Magius, a few dangerous yet benevolent wizards banded together to form the Spellbreakers. Not much is known of this secluded community, but those who do share interesting stories about their movements.

No matter who you are or where you come from, we will welcome you as our brothers in exchange for your strengths and wisdom.

Ever wanted a place where you can socialize and hang out with friends while playing a cool RPG game? You’ve found the place!

Welcome to the Spellbreakers guild! We are a Dark/Neutral type guild that focuses on community!

  • We host fun daily PvP tournaments, gamenights and training sessions!

  • We also feature a trading, raiding and backup call channel.

  • We have multiple ranks obtainable such as Senior and Junior!

  • We have a guild leaderboard and an active and friendly community!

If you would like to join, feel free to contact:

Discord: DoubleRun#3094

Art by glichy yinyang#9298 and Shiki Akronia#6497

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Guild raid on Silent Tower: succesful

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