Spirit Energy Color Theories

With how Spirit Energy is going to change color from Blue to Purple for files with the Ruthless trait, what are your theories surrounding that idea?

Personally, I think that if you were to kill somebody, your spirit color would change depending on the victim’s morality-to-influence ratio. Since the Ruthless trait’s color change applies after killing Lord Elius, killing him probably wasn’t seen as “necessary” by Creation, which is related to Spirit Energy, hence why the player’s color darkens afterwards. However, since even Merciful players wouldn’t gain a darker color after killing King Calvus, his death was likely seen as required, hence why the player’s spirit color doesn’t change after he dies. Lord Elius seemingly has similar morals to King Calvus, but the former didn’t have influence over every citizen of Ravenna, nor is he supporting the Winterveil Extermination’s continued efforts, hence why his death affects spirit color and not Calvus’.


where does it say this

yea where did you get that info from

vetex said it, someone has a screenshot of it but he directly said it himself.

Somebody saw Vetex say it in Patreon chat.

Even if it turns out I’m being gaslit, it’s a fun idea to run around with.

I’d like to think that spirit energy’s color varies wildly, based their soul and their morales. For example, while the mc has a blue soul, another person could have a red one for example, with the color changing based on a person’s morals or values. I think of Creation as a rainbow of colors, so I think that spirit energy reflects that.

That is both a good theory and also a way to make boss fights against people with spirit weapons look more interesting.

I just realized… when you have Ruthless, you have purple Spirit Energy, which is a mix of blue and red, rather than pure red, which is basically the color of the Ruthless trait or negative infamy or something.

I realized that blue is probs indicative of MC’s sense of justice and righteousness, and when you go Ruthless, MC doesnt exactly lose or change those traits entirely, but the killing does change a part of their mentality, which causes the Spirit Energy to turn red, but still retain the color blue, thus giving a mixed color, purple.


Or you “fall down” the spectrum.