Spirit item's color change depending on your alignment

Spirit item's color change depending on your alignment
effort 3.5 4 quality 4.6 5 reasonability 5.0 6

Pretty simple - just a small QOL change. Items with spirit gems or any other parts which are emitting the effects of vitality should share your spirit color.

Lets pick vitality amulet for example: Currently it has blue gem socketed in it and emits blue effects. Why not make it so merciful paladins get golden gem which emits golden effects? Red gem and red effects for ruthless paladin and so on for the rest of variations of spirit energy colors.

I feel like this change would add more variety in already existing drip for vitality enjoyers and point out their character’s traits even more.

Besides, lets not forget that we already have something similiar - arcanium and fstyles items, their look is different depending on your magics or fstyles, so why don’t we have something similiar for vitality? I suggest only color change, no stat changes.

Could just use a similar system to the Arcanium items, make it so theres technically types to each of these items, and it changes upon attempting to equip it if it does not match yours.

yes please i love you (platonically) mortal

they don’t already do this?

No, they don’t. (Preferably all blue parts and particles on the picture should become golden)
Really? Atleast give me explanation for such rating please.

doesn’t take 4 years of pondering or one really good shower to come up with this idea

item change colour depending on your attack colour isn’t the peak of effort required

quality is a completely separate stat to effort

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i gave it a low effort rating because it’s just a really simple suggestion, even if it is good. honestly i think it’s super arbitrary compared to the other two, mainly when it comes to tiny qol stuff

Okay, I see your point now.

Sorry, I misunderstood you in previous replies.

always should have been

hell yeah

I thought they already did this.

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