Spirit Weapon Ideas

It is stated now in game that spirit weapons can literally be almost anything. What type of spirit weapon would you make if you could, and what abilities would you give it? I think a lamp/mace would be cool, like that one guy from LoL.


you pop them and it lowers your health (so you need a vitality build) but you throw up spirit energy (the Spirit Vom)

come ON bro

me personally tho I think a hair would be good

since we already have a bracelet, other types of jewelry like rings and necklaces are probably also likely, but i think it’d be cool if some spirit weapons were items that are thematic to the god who blessed them, like a hermes blessed caduceus or a hephaestus blessed hammer

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Bouncy ball that plays similar to cannon fist, but you only have one (blast cooldown).

Magic circle thats REALLY A SPIRIT WEAPON!