**spoilers** God of War Ragnarok Valhalla in a nutshell

Kratos finds himself on a black sand beach and decided it was a good idea to go up to the front gate. Seeing it not open he pries it open with his bare hands and gets nerfed because showing such a strength feat to tear into realms is too op for the norse mythos freya and a few valkyries sense a disturbance in the force and checks it out to find out its our good loving big bulking boy kratos flexing his strength. One of the valkyries cast a spell because why not introduce spells like that it’s not like they didnt use it when fighting them in the first place. Leaving the problem child alone causing him to meet with the sun god Helios as a annoying bitch in his back pocket that he could easily fart on at anytime so he kills a bunch of enemies to get to a temple and kratos decided that he sacrifices mim- i mean helios for some reason (maybe because of noise complaints) but all along it was our good ol wise man mimir about to be roasted into a rotisserie chicken kratos decided to try pry open the cage and fucking breaks Valhalla and how its supposed to work making them almost fall into some red hole until sigrun comes around burning up to save mimir and kratos casting yet another spell regarding teleportation through portals. Other valkyrie simps help sigrun to her boo boo kratos ignores the fact that sigrun almost killed herself to save them both and did another run in valhalla eventually meeting up with our 7’2 nba prospect tyr and fought him not knowing that he would be hard asf to defeat him at the end of the game tyr gets defeated and kratos tried to go into the gate but gets a cluster headache and dies but gets teleported to the shore of valhalla. So we do the run again kratos meets with tyr again to fight him AGAIN to see if kratos was ready he defeats tyr AGAIN and tyr looks into Kratos’s past discussing it with him before kratos has another headache and the cycle goes again tyr gets defeated AGAIN and AGAIN before tyr decides to bring out a samurai sword as a way of idk being a therapist for kratos tyr gets defeated and kratos meets his past self roasting himself for 4 minutes until he finally walks out the gate without dying.

This DLC was written and looked better then any movie, actual 10/10. Would remove my memory for this.

Brought a Tyr to my eye

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