[SS] Story of Valcrest Bonus Chapter: Ray

“Hmm… not long now…” Said a young wizard wearing a black warrior’s jacket and a mask, sailing towards an island. More specifically, Elm Island.

This is Ray Anchor, member or the clan known as the Ashes of Valcrest, currently tasked with recruiting any wizards that could help their cause. Ray took his sailboat and began looking throughout many islands, though he currently hasn’t found any. Finally, he decided to stop by Elm Island, hoping his luck would be better there.
When Ray arrived, he grabbed his explorer’s backpack, and proceeded to march up a trail. As Ray walked, he began to take in his surroundings. The beautiful palm trees, the sounds of birds chirping, Ray hardly ever had a moment to simply enjoy nature this way. However, while Ray enjoyed it, he knew he had to stay on task, and so he did. Ray continued to follow the trail, until eventually he came across a small village.

“Perfect…” Ray thought, “Maybe these people can take me to a strong wizard.” Ray walked into the village, and to his surprise, the civilians seemed very low on morale, as if they had been attacked recently. Ray didn’t understand, however. There were no damages in the village from what Ray could tell. So he decided to question someone else.

“Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out with something.” Ray said towards a civilian. “I was looking around for some strong wizards that could join this clan I’m in. We can use more numbers.”

The civilian looked at Ray, then turned around, continuing to walk towards the forest outside the village. “You ain’t finding anyone here…” He said as he walked away.

Ray ran over to him. “Are you sure? There’s really no wizard here that I can recruit? Also, did something happen to this village because I noticed everyone seemed bothered by something.”

The civilian turned back towards Ray, and saw that Ray was being sincere. Not only that, but he seemed to be a capable wizard as well. The civilian sighed and began to speak.
“Well, if you must know, we had a wizard. My son learned to use his magic. He has some real potential too…”

“Well, where is he?” Ray began lookin around for a boy who might have magic.

“Well, a few day ago we got attacked by a dark wizard, and my boy fought back against him. But then the Grand Navy came and saw him firing blast after blast, and assumed he was attacking us… those pieces of crap took my boy without even listening to a word from us. We tried talking to them about it these past few days but they won’t listen. They think he’s a dark wizard and we’re just protecting him!” The civilian stomped his foot on the ground, his voice raising the more he spoke.

Such a story would leave anyone flabbergasted; the Grand Navy, those who swore to enforce justice and keep the residents of the War Seas safe, abusing their power and taking in an innocent while thinking they know better than everyone else? Nobody would believe such a thing. But Ray could. He is well aware of the corrupt side of the Grand Navy, both through his own experiences, and the experiences of fellow clan members. After hearing that story, Ray knew what he had to do.

“I’m gonna break him out.” Ray told the civilian.

“Wait, what? You’re gonna break him out?!” The man yelled. “But this is the Grand Navy! Doing that will make you a criminal-”

“I already am a criminal. It’ll be fine.”

The man’s eyes widened. “What do you mean you’re already a criminal?!”

“I. Am. A. Criminal.” Ray said slowly.

“What? But then why are you helping me with this?”

“Because, I’m a criminal, but I’m not scum. The Grand Navy’s been doing stuff like this for too long and I’m done letting them get away with it.” Ray turned away from the village, prepared to find the soldiers on the island. “But before I go break your son out… is it alright if I recruit him for the clan?”

“What kinda clan you have anyway?”

“It’s a clan that takes in dark wizards and reforms them so they are no longer a menace. Another thing that the Grand Navy disproves of.”

The man could hardly believe Ray. He wouldn’t be surprised if Ray was actually just insane. However, if there was a chance for his son to be broken out, he may as well take it. Besides, Ray didn’t seem to be a bad person, even if he said he was a criminal.

“If you can break him out, and help him become a strong wizard that won’t get into these kinds of situations… I’ll let you recruit him.” The man finally said, after staring at Ray. Ray smiled underneath his mask.

“Thank you. Well, I’m off now.” Ray formed two magic circles underneath his feet, and squatted down. “TOXIC BURST!!” Ray yelled as he the circles boosted, and he was propelled into the air by the poisonous fumes. The man covered his face as he felt the toxic air wash over him like a wave, and when he felt it disperse, he moved it, looking on as Ray began searching the island for the Grand Navy camp.

“Jared my boy… you’re gonna be alright. I know it…” The man thought.

This was mainly written for a friend who’s character was in the story, a way to pay him back for giving me some wizard gear.

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