Stand proud, you're strong

I imagined Vetex vs Calvus would go down like Sukuna no-diffing Jogo, but like… a dozen times harder.

And then I remembered this panel so…


also, this was the vetex avatar I went for, since it was the first one that came up.

i removed the hat cuz… I dunno- I’m lazy.


No chicken hat :broken_heart::broken_heart:




Vetex without the chicken hat is like superman without his super suit lol.

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Clark Kent?

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I meant it literally either Superman being naked or Superman in casual clothes (not his alter ego Clark Kent) but yeah that works too.

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As the strongest mage, Geno Arcturus fought the fraud King Calvus the 4th. He charged up his cataclysm magic, Calvus shrunk in fear. But Geno said:

“Stand proud Calvus, you’re strong.”

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its Arcturus, not Anchor

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imo i think this meme would hit harder if it was that neviro guy (who calvus one shotted) being the one saying “stand proud”

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Aight bet

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what was the original panel?

Try a thousand, considering that Vetex can currently, on his main file, inflict like 20 stacks of bleeding and 8 stacks of Severe Bleeding in one attack, if not more, since Calvus can tank more damage than any player could.
And the DoT on Severe Bleeding is absolutely fucked up.

Proceess to apocalypse bring ravenna

What is this . … Wholesomeness

At first I thought Vetex was Erwin from aot.

Turkey head vetex solos the verse