Starvation and armor malfunction

I am starving and also captured by the grand navy, how do I not die infinity in prison? Also my hobby is collecting items for dps build and my viritichos armor is all decked out with power scrolls with a powerful arcanum bracelet and it only gives 83 power, I had plans to make Atlantean for more power but all it will give is drawback and nothing else. Someone pls help me.

first off welcome, second you start at 20 hunger when you starve to death

use the gear builder

atlantean modifier works in a strange way, you can see how it works and experiment in the gear builder

Got any ideas why my armor only gives drawback, minus gems that is?
Thanks for answering by the way.

Did you add the modifier before or after removing the gems from the armor?

might be bugged try upgrading your armor at a blacksmith, if it shows that it upgrades for 1 galleon then upgrade it (thats how you fix the bug)

unsocketing gems from dark sea armor bugs it and youll need to upgrade it to fix

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What Maple said.