Stat builds - unfunny version

(tfw on my way to revive a dead trend on forums)

With everyone arguing which stat builds are best I decided to redo my guide topic to make fun of every stat and stat build, because I completely don’t give a shit.


Stat builds are made whenever you spend stat points you get from leveling up. You gain 2 stat points from leveling up. You can put these stats into magic (fucking basic), strength (be able to fist people better), weapons (fucking britain), and vitality (free healthcare lmaoo).

Pure Stat Builds

Pure stat builds are basic. You put stat points into only one stat and become really strong with it. the four pure stat builds are:

  • Mage (Magic) - When specializing over 60% of your points into magic, you become a Mage build. Mages are the most basic ass players. They spend their stats into magic thinking that hitting people from a far range is the only way to fight.

  • Berserker (Strength) - When over 60% of your stat points are spent on strength, you become the berserker build. This build is great for people who watch Jojo as this build is incredible at using fighting styles to fist people to death.

  • Warrior (Weapons) - Spending over 60% of your stat points on weapons will result in you becoming the Warrior build. This build lets you use 500 different ways of stabbing people to death and lets you use many higher level thrusting weapons to help you thrust into people.

  • Warden (Vitality) - Spending over 60% of your points on Vitality makes you become a Warden build. This build lets Metal Gear Rising fans become a fucking senator and take hits like nobody else can with 6000+ health at max level and have 20% damage reduction. I’d put more effort into this fucking description if it weren’t for the fact that I’m making the mother of all omelets right now.

Hybrid Stat Builds

Hybrid builds are when you spend 40% or more of your stat points in two categories instead of one category, letting you be slightly less basic.

The list of Hybrid builds are as follows:

  • Conjurer (Magic/Weapons) - spending 40% or more of your stats into magic and weapons makes you a Conjurer. This build is great for metamancers, probably second best to mage build. You can apply magics to weapons which allows easy ways to be really fucking annoying.

  • Warlock (Magic/Strength) - spending 40% or more of your stats on magic and strength result in the Warlock build. I’ve yet to find someone who is based who uses warlock build (sorry not sorry divanochi).

  • Paladin (Magic/Vitality) - Spending 40% or more of your points on magic and vitality results in the Paladin build. I’m betting $30 that the majority of people who use this build are going to use it with sacrifice magic. (I’m running out of ideas)

  • Warlord (Strength/Weapons) - Spending 40% or more of your stat points on strength and weapons makes you become the warlord build, allowing you to not only fist people, but to also thrust into them too thanks to Argos’s lance.(vetex why did you make the name thrusting type weapons).

  • Juggernaut (Strength/Vitality) - when 40% or more of your stat points are spent on strength and vitality, you will become the Juggernaut build. I haven’t seen a single person with this build but it’s basically bootleg senator armstrong, though a little less than warden.

  • Knight (Weapons/Vitality) - when 40% or more of your stat points are spent on weapons and vitality, you become the Knight build. Going for this build is gonna let you use funny ghost weapons ig, no other comment than that.

  • Savant (all balanced stats) - Savant is a very different build compared to the other builds listed. When 15% or more of your stat points are spent on all stats, you become the savant build. This build is a Jack of all trades build which deals fucking miniscule damage without its power buffs. People who use this build either:
    A. Have no idea what the fuck they’re doing and suck at fighting people.

B. Know what they are doing and are extremely good at fighting and combos.
This build is probably ass for casual playing tho.


All your stat builds are basic, just go for no stats lmao.

Strongest Savant vs weakest Warden



@Divanochi and @Ezia, get this man.

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whoopsies gotta go :le_troll:

True, true. We do have some lost spells to look forward to, though.

I’m using savant on my main file (1/2 magic, 1/4 weapons, 1/4 strength) to be able to use both ice magic and strength weapons, unless some magic weapon spell gets added that has a lance as an option. However, I can confirm that I both have no idea what im doing and that I suck at fighting.


essence of five million ways to kill someone

the true kings of AO

But that leaves out vitality so it’s not a savant build, but it’s not a regular hybrid build or a pure build either, so I think you broke the stat build system.

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No, you can have 3 stats, not 4 and it will still count as savant. Trust me, I tried that build in test realm and it came out as savant.


You will be dealt with.


so i could do weapon magic health and it would count as savant

aight 1v1 rn


Hop on Arcane Odyssey

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Let’s not forget the close-range explosion spells now.


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Did anyone like this funny gif I put in here lmao

i just wanna be a healer man :frcryin:
my aim is shit


nah, debuffing into oblivion is the way to go (wave magic)