Stat Reset Every Update?

Stat resets are usually super hard to come across due to the rarity of the potion ingredients. And with every update the game changes significantly, usually including some balance changes to the builds.

So when these updates drop, players might find themselves craving another build. However, most won’t be able to change. I think a free stat reset should be given along with the updates to settle this. Updates only come every couple of months, so there’s not going to be an overabundance of stat resets while still making them frequent enough to matter.


it’s your fault that you’re a metamancing cringelord

I’m not metamancing, I just like to try out new builds

i wouldn’t disagree with this if it happened but it’s the person’s fault for choosing stuff based on stats instead of what’s cool

Many people are willing to trade their Prometheus acrimonies / reset potions for other valuable items, and even more people host interchange gel parties for a more reasonable cost. You Can find yourself a stat reset through these methods if you’re willing to

Thats fair

Yeah, and interchange parties are pretty affordable, usually costing 6-10k galleons for a reset and a spare.

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time to make stupid financial decision

Kinda depend, but I do agree with some major update that changed the game combat and how it feel entirely, you should be given a chance to reset it.

i think everyone should get one when spirit weaepon get added

or if a new base magic is ever added, or a new variation, unlikely sure, but still


we should get one when early access ends