Status Gel Builds?

Trying to come up with something interesting to do, so I was thinking about some sort of build that wants to use a status effect gel (like Poisoned, Freezing or Burning) to good effect? I dunno, like Ash/Sand while using Burning Gel? (Probably not a great idea, considering you can’t use either underwater.)
Anything come to mind?

Insanity tier 5 gel with slowness gel

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water magic and bleeding gel gives you DoT and a synergy

Random/unknown gels you know the one from roots? If your using gel mind as well go all in random

your opponent upon getting hit with the healing V, agile V and ironskin V effects:

With insanely V slow V bilnd V snow V
Come on it’s a game let’s roll the dice

my opponents when I give them a free stat reset in exchange for their bounty

honestly that’s a great deal ngl.

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