Stellari’s Doodle Thread

While the pose might not be the most amazing, there is just something so captivating with the lighting that makes a simple standing pose looks very interesting

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Aaayeee, Noelle’s not crying this time! That’s an improvement!

Seriously, though, take your time and engage with the forum however much or however little as you want. This place isn’t always the best, and I understand wanting to take time off from it.


aahh gosh i didn’t expect to get kind replies to my messages :sob:
i’m not open about myself on here much because of the nature of the community but thanks for y’alls support :,)


Also, just an update on the forum: Acko’s gone. You’ll have to start buying your Dame Caesennia art from elsewhere.

I just looked into this. Fuck…

I can see why, though. I think the request post was the final straw for him 'cause of how the community is :sob:

Yeah, I was saddened too, but uh, considering that he got hit by among the worst of the artist reactors (the only one getting worse stuff was Mirage), I kinda get it. Plus, while he posted pretty frequently, there’s a non-zero chance he couldn’t post everything he wanted to due to the rules and like.

Or maybe he was just burned out on Arcane Odyssey. I sure as heck am.

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I fully suspect it was the latter stuff…

I hate this community, fr.
I love it for the great people like those who reside in this thread, but I hate it for everything else.


Wait, what exactly happened to Acko if I may ask here?

Acko requested his account be deleted. Anonymized, to be exact. It does mean (iirc) that he can’t recover it, though.
His posts remain, however.

Again, I suspect it was partly because of the requests thread he did, and the shit that went down overall with the community and his posts.

IT FEELS GOOD HEARING FROM YOU AGAIN!! i missed your art so much, especially you!! you also have improved, im surprised :open_mouth:

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