[Story Introduction] Awakening

Hey guys. I’m a new writer here. You can call me Espresso.
I’m going to be starting a new story called Awakening.

So far, I’ve only released chapters to a close friend group that inspired me to make it, and now after some character, plot and writing style revamps I’ll be releasing chapters hopefully once per week on the forums.

Awakening takes place during the time of Arcane Odyssey, similarly to the time where the main player would meet Morden. In this story we follow 9 wizards who have been friends since their childhood. I should also note, since there are many unknown locations currently in AO, I’ve incorporated my own locations and islands, as well as kingdoms and dynasties.

After a raid on their village, they have nothing left and fortunately meet the Aether curse user who becomes their mentor. After some training and teaching by their mentor, the group sets their sights on the Oasis. A bustling mainland desert city in the heart of the Bronze Sea. Full of travelers, merchants from across the War Seas, alongside some homey residents. However, their exploration of the city doesn’t go as planned. The Jaw Pirates attack, alongside a mysterious group affiliated with one of the War Seas’ infamous kingdoms.

There’s the gist of it. The first chapter I’ll be releasing will be a direct continuation of the end of this conflict in the Oasis (cause I’m too lazy to rewrite over 15+ already made chapters).

Here’s a preview of Chapter 1:

“However, this whole ordeal with the kingdoms,” Akshan gulped down a ball of saliva. “It’s no coincidence, of course. Conflict, that is. But you can feel it can’t you? No matter where you are, how far away you are from these constant warring kingdoms. Curse users, magic warlords. You just don’t feel safe.” Akshan paused, and picked up a wet glass.
He wiped it clean and set it neatly on the shelf behind him, before turning back to talk. “We’re all like these mugs. Everything is nice and all. We fulfill our purpose during the day, we work, adventure, go about our daily lives. But let’s say someone nudges this shelf a little too much. All of a sudden, a couple mugs might fall off and shatter.
That’s our world. People around us die everyday. Get caught up in the conflict.” Akshan wiped another glass, and set it on the shelf. **BANG!**Akshan slammed his hands on the bar table. The rocking of wood was the only sound present, as the air shifted and a glass fell clean off the shelf and shattered.
Vega stumbled back. He picked himself back up as Akshan said his next words. “There’s a growing force. An anomaly… soon enough, there’ll be a force great enough to bring all the glasses down at once. Not a single kingdom will be able to contest it. Far beyond our waters, there’s a darkness stirring. That’s why the kingdoms are angsty.” Akshan whispered.
“Angst spreads, like a disease. These pirates, are just the bottom chain of it all. I should warn you. Adventure if you please. But the War Seas will not be kind to you.” he finished. His last words were endearing. Almost like a challenge. The thought stuck to Vega like Kaleigh’s mud magic. Until it finally left his mouth. “I accept,” he stated confidently. Vega realized his sudden outburst, and covered his mouth in embarrassment. Akshan sighed, wiping the table clean with his cloth.
“You have a lot of desire in you child. I suppose there might be no stopping you now. That fire magic of yours, put it to good use.” Akshan walked out of the bar and stood face to face with Vega. Suddenly, he got down and kneeled before him. Akshan muttered a phrase in a language Vega couldn’t understand. Must be a native language. Vega bowed before him, muttering “Thank you.” Akshan nodded back. “I enjoyed our talk child. Do visit sometime. Tomorrow I’ll have your equipment and supplies ready for your leave tomorrow. Adventure doesn’t wait right?”
“It sure doesn’t.” laughed Vega. The two took their leave. Vega headed upstairs back to sleep, and awaited the new day.

I hope this little preview manages to catch your eye. Chapter 1 releases on Friday, December 17th.


amazing this story sounds like a cluster of different animes. Im making a story too!


noice :ok_hand: