Story of my gear (very long)

Warning: my gear sucks. A huge problem is because I thought that armor would give only around 300-400 defence (helmet, chestplate and boots maxed without enchant), so I decided on these stats:

This is probably my biggest mistake. You do not need the vitality if you are going to use armor like I would. However, at that time, I was completely oblivious, so I went with (accidental) almost best jack-of-all trades setup.


The idea behind the screenshot above (idea which I was not aware of) is that it gives very good ratio of power per defence, and that ratio is very close to 6.7, the ratio of defence and power you get from leveling.

The story only begins however, as after this point I decided to grind boss drops. It would seem that I would, as a warrior who needs attack speed for skill cooldowns, go for Cernyx’s armor, which is basically ravenna centurion/titanium but with attack speed slapped onto it.

However, I at that time was only researching stats, and somehow intensity clicked in my head and never got out of there. The reason I had was that taking damage disabled health regeneration (completely false).
So, my option became Argos’s set:

This is an upgrade to my last set, but a very small one. Bleeding from my attacks DID last longer, but the difference was miniscule.

Some time passes while I try to farm strong scrolls and money to enchant this gear (the gear wasn’t enchanted instantly, this is just what would be the final build), and I find an arcsphere.

I was not aware that it counts as an accsessory, and traded it off for free to a collector. However, luck shined on me, and I got another one, now being aware that an arcsphere IS an acssesory, and that I can wear it instead of my bracelets. And so, I did:


At this point, it seemed to me like I couldn’t do better. The idea about intensity still was stuck in my head, and so I moved on, doing random things and amassing a decent sum.

One day, I find this video, where most of the info about the ratio comes from in this post. At the same time I finally realise that, while my gear is indeed, fitting the ratio, vitality completely ruins it. However, then and as of writing this, I decided to ignore it, and wait for the update.

What was more important however, is my realisation about other stats. It comes from carrying one of my friends through farming Carina, where I get some drops and decide to try them out and test them.

After seeing that even 2-3 attack speed items make a noticeable difference on my skill cooldowns, I realise that my Argos set should be replaced by Cenryx’s set. And so, after a week since the original post, I have it: my full set that will stay with me until the next content update (most likely).


The stats:


Currently, my armor/accessories are finished, and most of my time will be spent on an another file, or fishing.

and about weapons, i just got scimitars from the sky boss, traded for kai’s saber (2k gal), and used a normal sword until i got silent blades, which i also traded for an attack speed fair amulet. no plans for sunken sword as that dosent sound worth it to me.

Before you comment on by grammar, or some incorrect facts in the post:
I am not a native english speaker, and my grammar is far from perfect. Please just ignore the errors.
I am not a pro, most of this comes from the video listed above and personal expirience. I welcome criticism, just don’t call me bad for not knowing evrything.

Edit^2: This has very little traction, but; if this suddenly gains bigger interest, I will post same kind of story about my weapons as well (an actual one, not the meme above), and keep updating this. Most likely last edit^2 because this, as already been said, got very little traction.

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62 vitality :broken_heart: