Story Progression Locking

Story Progression Locking
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As of now, there are a few moments in the Bronze Sea story that prevent you from progressing the story until you reach a certain level. The reasoning behind this being that you should explore the map and experience the game rather than just blitzing to max level. While this is understandable currently, I can see it getting frustrating at much higher levels when you start a new slot so I’m suggesting a small change:

Progression locking is only active on seas that are current, just finished, or lead into a progressing/just finished story. For example, when Nimbus Sea is fully complete with its story and content, the next sea would begin progression. Therefore, Bronze Sea would no longer have the level lock. When the third sea is complete with its story and moves on to the fourth sea, Nimbus sea would have the level lock removed. And so on and so forth. Eventually getting to the last sea where the level locks could be fully removed after some time.

This way players would still have to experience the story and sea fully as theyre released and by the time the story has moved far past players would have already been familiar with the story up to that point. This also makes it easier to start new builds and progress and you wouldn’t have to slow down until you get close to where the current story is.

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me when i finish nimbus sea story at level 79 and fight calvus at level 53

by the time youd be able to do that we’d be on the fourth sea lol. And good look beating calvus that underleveled :skull:

I beated calvus on 20 fps + 500 ping + no gear + second magic shadow blast only before

he easy…

pro gamr

We need this (even though we will probably recieve it years later)

i cant even beat calvus at lvl 125 :skull:

Tbh I just wish the level lock would be removed for people who already have a save that completed the story up to a certain point.

i wish there was a way to change your magic bro

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