[Story] Tale Of An Overnight Villain [1/10]

The snow dwindled down fast from beneath the sky as the winds blew at fast and heavy hitting paces. The land seemed so barren as only blank snow and ice covered all over. The surrounding environment was very unseeable as the snow sprinted down fast to the ground while the night swallowed everywhere on Frostmill Island. To any person, the air felt as though it was a wet, freezing blanket covering your whole body.

Throughout these harsh conditions, a young boy can be seen vigorously moving his feet as if it was a pile of quicksand. His face was covered in blue while his arm crossed each other to gain warmth.

“I’m… I’m so cold” the boy would repeat. By at least saying something, it helped him remain sane while being all alone in the freezing cold. The young boy also dreamed of warmth and that soon he’ll eventually find it. This warmth that he is seeking is not just physically, but by his heart as well.

Soon, the young boy saw a twinkle of light in the far distance. The young boy wasn’t sure what this was, as he was very far away from the light source. Then, a second light appeared in his view, and then soon a third.

As the boy grew ecstatic, his pace soon picked up as hope was just over the horizon. A whole group of homes with street lamps could be seen and the sight only made the young boy smile. The smoke from the chimneys and the fires lit for the streetlights only infested the boy’s mind as he may soon be able to cover his body in heat.

While arriving at the first home that he saw, the boy knocked around 5 times in excitement. He waited about a minute but there was no answer. Soon, a man with a short, scruffy beard answered the door in almost an annoyed mood.


The boy seemed startled, but continued with what he had to say. “I may not know you sir but… would it be okay if you let me stay the night? I’m very cold and hungry and I-” the boy was then interrupted by the man.

“Look kid, if you think I’m one of those people who gives out to charity, I’m not. Go look for somewhere else to stay kid.” The door was then shut loudly on the young boy who hadn’t even processed the full situation. All the boy could do was turn around slowly and attempt another home.

After a few attempts, he arrived at another home where screams of joy and laughter could be heard from the outside. Surely this place of such wonderful commotion would be the place for him, right?

When the young child knocked, he waited just like before and a little girl arrived at the door that seemed the same age as him.


As the young boy looked at the girl, he noticed that they seemed to look around the same age. “Hey we look around the same age!”

“Is that all you came to the door about?” The girl sassily asked. The boy’s amazement at another kid his age quickly dwindled by that one statement.

“Oh… I was wondering if I could possibly just stay one night?” The girl then seemed to become offended.

“No! Go look for someone else to piggyback off of!” As the girl was about to close the door, a woman stopped the door with one of her hands and entered into view.

“Sorry about my daughter, she can be a little… sassy.” The mother then quickly glanced at her daughter but then looked back at the boy. “Sorry young man but we don’t have enough food to feed another mouth. Our house is also crowded as it is. Good luck on finding somewhere to stay, take care.” The boy watched as the door shut, another chance of warmth gone in an instant.

By now, the boy was getting tired. His pace of steps wobbling more by each minute. He was losing hope and he also felt very tired. Maybe if he would take a little rest, he may be able to sleep forever. That way, he wouldn’t feel the need to sleep ever again.

As he approached another house, he was breathing heavy and shivering even more. Both of his fingers seemed to be turning blue and he couldn’t even feel them. The same for his feet since his boots were old and had holes inside of them.

When knocking the door, he waited like before and an old woman answered the door. She seemed startled at the fact that a boy was out in the cold all by himself.

“Oh my dearest! Young man, what is your name and why are you here all by yourself!?”

“My name? My name… is Neo. Would you please provide me warmth? I’m cold and hungry and have no place to go.” By then, the old woman made a hand gesture out of view and was given a blanket.

“Here take this. We’ll take care of you, don’t you worry Neo.”

“Thank. You.” As the old woman was about to put the blanket over him, he fell to the ground. When he fell, a face of not distraught from the cold was on his face, but a look, a feeling of warmth and happiness. It was as if he fell asleep having a happy dream.


Nice, is this like what happens to the AO MC once they get to frostmill?

This is just a random story that I decided to create so right now they aren’t apart of anything just yet. Also thanks for reading!

epic :+1:

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