Story Time [RESULTS]

Hey everyone, devo here. Not long ago I hosted a poll on which genre/topic you’d want if I were to tell you a story (which you can view here). Without further ado, let’s get to the results.


As you can see, WoM/AA/AO won. But unfortunately there is a slight inconvenience. Many people here already write stories about the Arcane Universe, and I feel like that’s too basic, so why not go for something unique? That’s right. In second place… Forum? We’ll be going with that. Now before I start anything, I’ll need to do one last poll. I orginally wanted to make the story based on the Off-Topic Presidential Elections, but then the Arcane Academy topic popped up (which you can view here). Down below you will be able to choose from one of the two. This will be the final poll before the story, so head’s up.

Forum Story Topic
  • Forum: Presidential Election Arc
  • Forum: Arcane Academy

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Both can be pretty interesting, so let’s see what you pick.

Theres a arcane Academy here?

Arcane Academy seems to be a popular topic

Presidential Election Arc catching up though :eyes:

Arcane Academy leading by 20%

Presidential catching up, 16% difference

is arcane academy just gonna be my hero academia-

If you didn’t want to do WoM/AA/AO then why did you put it there ;-;

Oh well, your choice anyways

Well I was surprised to see Forum in second and wanted to see where I could go with it

election arc i want to say funny objective

also lets be honest the only people that are going to be in Arcane Academy are the artists

no that’s just the art club

i’m including the whole forum it it get’s voted

Arcane Academy does sound interesting…

It does doesn’t it

make me student council presid-

make me student council vice presid-

make me student council secreta-

make me student council treasu-

Okay, but put me in votes.

i am severely sorry but you can’t edit polls after 5 minutes

if you can’t do that make me vice ok good deae

I am severely sorry for your dead body that will be found near the riverbank tomorrow at noon.

Just kidding.

Just kidding.