Storyline content

i’m so glad we don’t have to get to level 30 for the storyline now bro i’m gonna be honest i hated how wom just threw you into the game. AO IN DECEMBER LFG

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Why does he keep raising the level cap by one rather than multiple at a time?

raising it with the story, this means the story in ao hopefully will progress as you level instead of requiring you to grind 20 levels before you can continue


Ah yeah u right, dont wanna have to bandit beat for 15 or so levels ig

I wonder if part 100 will be the final part for the bronze sea?

imagine 100 parts per sea :frhigh:

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That will probably be the case lol Vetex is putting in the work.
So if we have 5 seas thats 500 parts…

dear lord

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Maybe the future seas will have shorter quests.
Because the bronze sea is the first I believe that the first few story parts will be tutorial based or something like that.
So with a new sea it might be shorter because it doesint have to focus on new players.
Though this is all speculation lol.

remember that a story part could be as short as a few lines of dialog or walking to another area, not every story part is super long


Even so that is still fucking insane, the main storyline for AA had like 6 quests in like sea 1 really goes to show how large AO will truly be in comparison to AA. Even if each story part is just walking/ talking to an NPC that is still pretty well-sized

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i estimate that ao will have atleast 1 hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes of storyline content on release

Vetex actually said to expect around 5-7 hours of gameplay per sea but idk how much of that is going to be story and how much of that is supposed to be exploring

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I know it just gets me so hyped for AO
Im a sucker for a good story so having a roblox game that has a good story will be incredible in my eyes lol.

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A mix of both maybe but thats just an estimate and every player plays differently.

I mean i can easily see it taking 5 hours for the average person including trying to beat bosses and if they don’t just skin through the story but idk how long the storyline will be best bet is asking a tester how long it took them to get to their current point

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Arcane adventures story was ok in my opinion.
It just felt a tad bit repetitive,like go to this area and beat up this guy and all the later bosses would just be dodging around like crazy so it would just feel the same.
And no characters really stuck out in my opinion I hope AO will have more memorable characters.

Agreed it was not the worst in my opinion but it feels weird to get into the story when you only reached a certain level.
Also world of magics story sucked,it was pretty much more fetch quests.I did like the bosses and talking to them afterwards tho that was cool.

That’s what I had estimated, I had done some math and each story part awards approximately 1.2 levels(it’s like 1.16-1.23 depending on when you do the math for it but whatever) of course it’s unlikely that you have to get many levels outside of story but things like sealed chests and hitting enemies as well as side quests give the extra .2 level per quest. Overall you’d prob get around 20 levels in the bronze sea outside of story

oh shit thats great

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