Storyline quests

Since we’re getting storyline quests, which one are you picking?
I will take the good rep one (idk if its hero or villain)

why chose one when you can do both ?
i will take good one first tho

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Wth happened
20 characters

i said the nost forbidden thing., love

ill will take villain (using one save file) or both storylines (using two)

i will make the hero story, minotaur seems amazing.
i hope the whole story give some epic rewards, it’s just unfair completing a story quest and getting nothing.

villian, good rep is for the weak

why be a goody two-shoes when you can be a villainous magic badass?

Nobody knows the real Minotaur appearance, so most people will pick hero story

y-you could just…

ask someone when it comes out…

vetex has a twitetr, we can look out for these new creatures in it

im going kill the villains quest givers,so nobody have choice,and the world will be peace and rainbow lol

hero on my paper save and villain on my fire save

just because you said that, I’m going to kill at least a dozen of working npcs tonight. Not an alchemist, metalworker, fishmonger, tailor, or smith will be found.


That gave me an idea

" i killed them. i killed them all. not just the citizen, but the alchemist, metalworker, fishmonger, tailor, and smith too"

NOOOO,you cant kill everyone because yes :((((

will most likely take both with an alt. but for now im too busy feeding my fishing addiction to really decide

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Read the trello, you can’t change your choice.

multiple character files exist, obviously most people are gonna touch up on both

Yep that’s what I’m doing