Strongest Battle grounds is my favorite Strategy game

I love The strongest battlegrounds. So much so that I’m happy it won best strategy game in the innovation awards! I just wish that my second favorite game blox fruits, was nominated for racing :frowning:. I have no Idea how it wasn’t. The worst part out of them all is the fact that Deepwoken didn’t get nominated for best Fashion game. They don’t know the drip I can pull while hanging out with the Mudskippers.

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If that guy’s logic applies, then literally every single fighting game would be a strategy game, which is definitely not the case.

people are talking about this because tsb won the best strategy game for the innovation awards at over 1 million votes which is the biggest win right now…

Yeah, i know, but what i mean is that it shouldn’t have been nominated for strategy at all. It has little to no use of strategy in it.

who the fuck voted for this in strategy? People just saw the name of a game they liked and clicked vote lmao (if you can like this game)

a fist fight is a strategy game because you have to strategize what to do during the fights

he described YOMI:Hustle

no the dev said “ill release a new character if we win” and community was like “WOPFJASDHVGFSDGFWGK”