Struck by Lightning

Imagine this happens to you in a tournament

Doubt that a tournament host would start a tournament in a raining region tho. If rain does indeed happen, the tournament should be paused due to the huge advantages to those that synergizes with soaked effect.

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Even the weather is trying to kill us

if you were to get zapped mid tournament i’m certain the host would give you a rematch.
if he doesn’t, then you shouldn’t of attended such a bad tournament in the first place

given that he made a badge for this, and the lightning hits randomly
the odds of getting hit by lightning in a specific battle are impossibly low

I mean he could just make it so that it doesn’t hit arenas… right?

The chances of getting hit by lightning are low, but not zero


Still tho fighting a tourney in the rain is stupid. If ur fighting a ice user they will freeze you with every spell and other magics such as lightning will get high synergies off it.

Why would you be fighting in a thunderstorm

Not to mention that it does 300-500 damage. Even without any defense, your max health bar is higher than those numbers.

You would need to be injured and luckily get struck/die from it. I could only see this really happening if you were fighting at Silent Tower and making sure you kept your health low.