Struggling with a exotic chart (it's like shells island all over again but bigger)

As the title states, I am struggling with this chart here, could I get a hand with it please?

im not really sure what kind of help you are expecting for an uncharted island like twice bigger than ravenna

the best i can do is make sure you know what all the information of the chart is
its in the second third of distance between the middle of the island and straight east
its in grass and not sand
its not on a big hill
and theres the approximation from the website to which i circled the grass parts

well, I was at least maybe hoping for a smaller rough area than that one chart tracker thing says cause I don’t even know if it is accurate or not.

(edit) Oh I didn’t see the image, and while it is a big area bit certainly helps!

goldsight shovels help alot if you have one

i don’t got that, there is a guy with 6 of those scrolls but ain’t trading any of them. . .

whats your user i got some marking scrolls

Oh 1011zaper

Thanks man!

try use this

I have been and it barely ever works for me