Stuck on General Argos

I’m stuck on the General Argos boss. No matter what I do I can’t beat him. I would go outside to try to get better gear and more levels, but my spawn is stuck in the fortress and every time I die I am forced to do the stupid stealth sequence thing that instakills me if I do as much as accidentally press W twice in a row. Great game design. What do I do???

that should not be a thing it spawns you outside his room. Anyway I dont know what build you are playing but as a mage this is a pretty easy fight most of his moves have a small aoe that you can easily dodge because of the size of the room, and the few moves that do have large enough aoe to hit you have so much start up time that you can just block them. You can pretty easily stat check him by zoning with blasts and staying outside of his range.

What build and level you have rn?

I think I said that wrong, what I meant is that every time I want to escape the fortress I have to do the stealth thing, not fight the boss.

Mage, Level 80.

trap his dumbass in the little room to the left, get far away, and use blasts to put that geezer to rest as he is stuck

You can get more defense. I mean with 1200 hp you can stupidly tank them, but i don’t sure that you have items with defense. Btw you can get fish for meals, they give you faster regeneration (25% faster per level, with high defanse this really viable

I’m just going to give up until Vetex does something about this and adds a shortcut out of the fortress here. If he doesn’t, I’ll either make a new file or stop playing.

Don’t forget about camp’s, you can change your spawnpoint with this (maybe this not permanent, but still can used if you wanna farm something)

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oh yeah thats just a problem with all the bosses once you start a boss fight you cant leave until you finish it even if you are underleveled or underprepared. Its a massive design problem i have no idea why this is in the game

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Pretty sure this is an oversight, there’s a tip that flat out tells you to leave to get more levels and better equipment, but you can’t really.

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You can cheese him if necessary by getting him stuck his little room in the corner of the arena

I’m not doing this, if I try this I think I’ll get banned.

No one is going to get banned for cheesing a boss, lmao.

You won’t

lol you wont get banned for cheesing a boss

Good news, I managed to beat him.

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we can do him together

can u help me