Stupid Ideas with Daxus (2.0)

fun fact: Vetex at least gave an idea like this with magic a consideration early on in AO’s development.
Of course, it’d be for way later on (and he might not do it)

Permanent limb loss like in Fear and Hunger. Even if you die you don’t get them back. If you lose both of your legs you can only crawl around and can’t jump, and if you lose your arms you can’t attack or climb.

you can still drink a t3 or above heal pot to grow them back tho (low levels boutta get one shot by thunder and be unable to do anything)

in hindsight im really glad i didnt bully him into getting rid of that

what I mean is weapons that scale specifically with your build like how there is fighting and vitality armor (the stats are better if you are using the right build) and arcanium armor which stats changes based on your magic it is attuned to