Stupid Ideas with Daxus (2.0)

I just wanna hear ideas that are too outrageous (unbalanced, too script intensive, hyper specific requirements, etc) to be in the Arcane Odyssey

I have two ideas

  • A third mind that gives you a passive like, 5-2% off of skill requirements, using health the make ultimate spells stronger, something like that

  • A custom weapon you get through a quest. It would be specifically made for your current stat build, for example : Berserker’s/warlock’s gauntlet, Mage’s staff/wand, a hilt that changes into a desired weapon for conjurer’s and warriors, and something weird for savants like a halo is something idk

(Please say on topic for the love of God)

  • Any new ideas I think of

  • DLC that adds a non canon short story with super bosses

A weapon that summons the whole map from Online Fighting and drops it on people

summoning stuff

A server wide raid bossfight activated in the crater of the epicenter.

GN/AS server raids, they target the opposite rep and just to cuck negative rep, if you kill the gn, more will spawn but if you kill the as, no more will spawn

I feel like the corsair sea would actually have something like that

trinity spells, a spell comprised of all 3 of a mage’s magics showcasing the height of magic

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custom weapon forging using parts which can randomly be found in treasure chests, like blade part, hilt part, handle parts pommel parts
you can also imbue certain effects into them if you forge them with certain reagents

High level spells that consist of you summoning a weapon made out of magic, doing a big flashy attack with it, and then having the weapon disappear into thin air

you cannot clear notoriety, fame, or bounty (immersion purposes)

Mages now actively pollute the war seas and the dark sea. Very slowly but surely everyone gets stronger from the magic pollution

This is what I exactly imagine what conjurer was when the game was coming out at first

dual casting magics / fighting styles / weapons / spirit weapons

like, being able to shoot a wood circle and then a sand circle next to it.

or a sword draw with gun attacks…?

limited time power storage
you can copy powers that you met in game whether crew or enemy

for second a command spell that affects statue effects plus stun

example: fall, 20m emerald splash

no one can deflect the emerald splash

the 2nd one wouldnt be outrageous? theres already armor for each stat build it wouldnt be hard to make something like weapons that just scale on your stat

being able to just keep eating despite the hunger bar being full.

1,000,000 hunger here I come

imagine being able to cast magic with someone else like in Crimson’s thing

You can kinda do it. Get some huge meals and eat 1 piece of each, if you can’t eat anymore because of it going over 100 drink sea water to reduce it back down. After you have taken a bite out of every meal you can start actually eating each one. Because of some reason this works and if you are really patient you can get insane hunger amounts

thats called weapons