Stupid Ideas With Daxus

I wanna hear your ideas that you think are too outrageous to be in Arcane Odyssey.

trinity spells, a spell comprised of all 3 of a mage’s magics showcasing the height of magic

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:joy: Vetex hiring devs or using his contributors for something other than a useless island


i swear youve got a personal vendetta against vetex bro whenever i see you speak its always bitching about him

How tf does that stupid joke affect you in any way? Learn how to not give a shit especially if it’s not targeted towards yourself.

because you’re being an asshole and have killed the whole mood of this topic instantly with your bitching???

If you cant laugh at a joke, stay fucking quiet.

if you cant say nice things, dont say things
we dont care you hate vet
we havin a good time
you aint
leave and take it with you

This was proven false when y’all started whining into front of my face

Seriously if you cant handle shit in the internet go fucking touch grass

i mean we dont value your opinion

look at yourself

Then why whine in front of my face? get lost bitch

told ya already

take a page out your own book

Good time? The best way to get some pleasure is getting lost. You can literally ignore that I exist lmao and your just giving to much fucks over a joke that can be scrolled past instantly

are you speedrunning a perm suspension?
unironically, its either that or you’re an incredibly shit person.

please leave the forums on your own and go do literally anything else, nobody wants your shit here.

theoretical already explained

Then why act like the fucking police? this shouldnt be of your concern lmao

god you’re dense

bro fuck off please and thanks :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

on another note, you’re a massive hypocrite lol.