Stupid treasure chart has GOTTA be bugged

Ive spent an entire 30 minutes on this fricking treasure chart and have found nothing please help

Ive dug up every patch of snow known to man

dig more

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I had that same chart lol maybe its glitched??

ive dug every patch of snow bro ive dug every single inch nothing

Sometimes…the best solution is to give up.

But seriously:I remember this chart was usually…pretty easy, but that depends what altitude it rolls, if it’s high cliffs then you’re gonna stay here for quite a while.

for me it was cliff

i just gave up on it and now im doing north northeast edge. theres nothing there either. Cant believe i wasted a whole hour on some damn broken chart. keep in mind it also says high cliff

i give up

and i could have finished a dark sea run in this time but its too fricking late
now i gotta resort to going to jank sea to get powerful and armored :man_facepalming:

now pray to god Vetex allows us to enchant stuff with dark-sea exclusive exotic enchants at third sea+ Alchemists in the far future :frcryin:



it’s kinda outdated, but those were the old exotic enchants, which you were “supposed” to be able to get them at level 200+

Shoulda stayed that way omg now everywhere i go its metamancing

we really need legendary enchants to fill out the enchant saga (dark sea third range+ exclusive :fist:)

Get better :speaking_head:
Man tbh stop relying on 3rd party tools and think harder, everyone has it in different ways and my sense improved a lot, yet i have 0 idea on how to teach you it.
use marking or goldsight and color frostmill in piss if its too annoying

Have you looked in the houses?

Just to say, the website is not entirely accurate so do check outside of the area it says as well and make sure you double check the chart just in case you got the instructions incorrect, also look at the extra instruction, it could be ‘On the edge near the sea’ or ‘Halfway Atop a high cliff’

Bet my life its in a snow patch under a house. I had that same chart and thats where i found mine

As much as i want to explain how it would work but honestly its gonna be a pain to explain everything, plus yes charts r still bugged so best solution is to give up and move onto the next chart

its been two days?