Suggest games for me to play please

What are some actually enjoyable games on both roblox and steam
I’m tired of seeing ultimate ultra super duper omega anime fight simulator tower defense (2x event) (pets) (update) on the front page

please give me fun games to play

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crazy stairs

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As somebody who’s also played this game I can back this up.

For my suggestion try super bomb survival.

Blasphemous and hollow knight
(Nudity warning for blasphemous)

Neon knights (Roblox)

arcane odyssey

ok but seriously play this its fun: [New!] Color or Die 🎨 - Roblox

aint touching that 2k carbon limit + 30k for bigger storage apartment for another month (after the flux event ends of course)

Vampire Hunters 3 Robloxers

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Blasphemous 2 on its way WWWW

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decaying winter


Roblox: Dummies vs Noobs, Colors in Question (Bring a friend with you), Defend the Statue: Eras of Conflict, Contact A-888

Steam: Judgment, Lost Judgment, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Katana Zero


roblox - notoriety, vesteria, flood escape 2
steam - pizza tower, omori, hollow knight, celeste, terraria, stardew valley

why play notoriety when you can just buy pd2

ong that game was like 2 bucks and i have 130 hours on it its so good with friends

If you like fast-paced shooters, try Merc Fleet on Roblox. So fast it needs a built-in aim assist (or not if you’re a Third-Person Shooter deity) to be playable.

I would suggest Vampire Survivors and similar games like Army of Ruin on Steam, but they start off slow.

If you are in a scifi bender, Project Stardust is good. Stardust is in a process of adding their own ships in their homebrew universe, alongside halo, star wars, and space battleship yamato.

dw about the carbonite limit it’s only 60% carbon from selling.

also we do not talk about the apartment. shrimply make a funny gun or something.

Mutations Waiting Room
Space Station 13/14
Call of Duty zombies
Fall Out new vegas

its 60% now? thats much better

we all hate Gemini fr

He grinded to 100k carbon and that’s why the carbon limit exists