Suggestion but i dont have suggestion access

Add tutorials for certain things in the game. Some players dont know what cargo runs are and they are extremely good in mid-late game. Although there are guides in discord and on youtube but it would also be cool if there was just a little video ingame that showed players what it was. This could be done with other stuff such as “How to get sealed chests” or “How to solve treasure charts” there are probably other stuff but I think this would be a good QoL addition.

every shipwright has a dialogue option that explains how cargo works. there are multiple quests that have you sink pirate ships, which shows that they drop sealed chests. solving treasure charts is literally explained by the treasure charts, it says “go to island, go to this place on the island, and dig”

the ffirst treasure chart i did i gave up on because i couldnt find it even after using a map and went to the exact area

yes, they can be confusing as hell and take a lot of effort but they explain themselves, I don’t think they need a separate tutorial

Hints exist, but if you need really super mega big guide, then just watch it on YT.

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