Suggestion for QOL

Me and many people all experience the pain of dying and having to spawn at Revenna or somewhere else when really you want to be somewhere across the map. So I suggest implementing a scroll system. Example: Travel scroll to Shell Island. You can only use the scroll when out of combat or if you want to make sure that nobody is teleporting while running away from combat or in combat add a NPC you have to talk to teleport.

Travel scrolls can be founded through scroll crates, and ship chests, etc

You can also just scrap the scrolls and make a npc that will teleport you for 20-50 galleons depending on the distance.

isn’t this the reason why we have tents in the game?


(also vetex said that fast travel will probably not be added to the game)

they don’t work on story islands

his point is that he dies somewhere and respawns all the way across the map on ravenna, if that is such an issue he could simply set a spawn point on limestone key or something and easily get back to where he died

they’d still spawn in ravenna when they join a server

Heres a QOL suggestion, maybe let me place my tent fucking anywhere. Its so dumb that its limited.