Suggestion Making Tips

There seems to be a bit of confusion on how to post suggestions. This post will be about clearing up a lot of information while also adding tips to make good suggestion.

General Suggestion Info
In order to gain access, you must be trust level 2. Here is the information in order to gain access.


Make sure you don’t suggest stuff that aren’t allowed while also making sure it ain’t already planned too.

Suggestion Making Tips
Now that you have your idea, you gotta make sure you convey this to others. These tips aren’t necessary, but will help other players a ton understanding your point of view.

  • Organize your suggestions. You have things like bold and italics for special text, hide details to organize sections, etc. Putting one giant bulky paragraph makes people not want to read it.
  • Short and simple works really well. You should be upfront and explain the main idea to other members well.
  • Backup your point with stuff like why it should be a thing and how it would fix it. This makes players understand the feature way more
  • Images and GIFs help a ton. Not everything has to be just text based and giving players a visual depiction of what it would look like can help.
  • Try using proper grammar when typing suggestions. People should easily understand what you’re trying to say without being confused.
  • Look at both sides. Some people may not like what you suggested, but you should still put down potential flaws with the system. This makes sure your suggestion doesn’t sound biased.

If you have any other ideas reply below. There has been quite a good amount of joke suggestions and I hope to see people put a lot more effort into suggestions.


loved this, here’s some of my personal tips too:

  • as @inferno said, organize,
    the most effective way to do this is just to break lines apart
    if people can’t read it they won’t be interested
    if I wrote all of this in one paragraph without line breaks, you’d never actually read it

  • don’t be overly specific or detailed,
    let’s say you write down some massive complicated questing or airship system;
    no one is gonna give a fuck
    suggestions should be as brief as it needs to be to get the point across

  • controversial suggestions,
    let’s say, like I have, you write some massive suggestion on why poison needs a buff
    even if you write down tons of details, organize, use evidence,
    very few people will actually vote for the suggestion
    this doesn’t mean vetex might not add it,
    but you won’t get nearly as many votes

  • don’t break the genre,
    sure, you might want railguns/battleships/aircraft,
    but fundamentally the game is still a pirate game wizard game with sailing ships and shit

  • don’t repost suggestions,
    odds are if vetex didn’t like it the first time,
    he won’t like it the 15th time

  • don’t be vague,
    describe what you want in detail, don’t just say,
    “hey guys maybe we need a new magic pls vote”

  • try to view your own suggestions objectively,
    let’s say you write some suggestion on why you want cheezit magic
    try to think of how other people would initially think of the suggestion

  • try to be unique,
    good example is that old magic circle for wom badge example,
    it’s cool, sweet, not much like it before, etc
    meanwhile there’s like 50 magic suggestions no one cares about

  • research the trello,
    many suggestions people post are basically already planned

  • organize incredibly long lists in those hide-text thingies,
    like this


funny hahaha xd
ur mom!!!

  • respond to feedback,
    doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it,
    but ignoring what people say about your suggestion doesn’t help

  • be serious,
    don’t make shit like “buff fire and nerf everything else!!”
    might be funny to you but no one gonna care

  • some ideas are just shit
    with some suggestions, no matter how much you do,
    the suggestion is just too shitty to actually add,
    let’s say in the name of shitty, you suggest a pooping system with toilets and shit
    even if you spend hours writing and proofing the suggestion,
    it’ll never get added

  • don’t add no details,
    don’t just say the suggestion, we can already tell from the title
    you might be able to get the basics of a suggestion down in one sentence,
    but you have to give at least how it works or reasoning

  • don’t be afraid to ask,
    talk to other members of the community before posting,
    most people are happy to give feedback and suggestions,
    having another pair of eyes check something can help

probably overlapped some of these with what inferno said, but have fun!!

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Controversial suggestions are fine as long as there’s reason


I have another tip, play the game for at least 30 min before making your suggestion. It helps with not making bad suggestions.

You should also search the idea of your suggestion on the forum to see if it was already suggested. And you also should be specific and clear up things for your suggestion if applicable.

The best suggestions that Vetex looks for are typically relatively easy to add, straightforward, and are mostly if not entirely beneficial to the game.

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im pretty sure there also a pinned post in the suggestions category for rejected suggestions. read those too

Haha no. I’m ignoring everything you said and making anothwr Long term roadmap entry suggestion