Suggestion on the Level Cap

I suggest that the level cap should be increased from level 120 to 125.
The main reasons for it are mainly three:

One is appearance/visual basis.
Let’s look at how Hybrid stats would look if you split them 40:40:20, 40:60, or 50:50. At levels 120 and 125 respectively:
[Level 120]:
> A) 40:40:20 split: 96:96:48
> B) 40:60 split: 96:144
> C) 50:50 split: 120:120
[Level 125]:
> A) 40:40:20 split: 100:100:50
> B) 40:60 split: 100:150
> C) 50:50 split: 125:125
Far more intuitive right? Another side-benefit is also concerning the final Level cap of the game which was stated to be 1,000 in the next few years after AO’s release. 1,000/25 = 40, while 1,000/30 = 33.333 repeating. It’s just way easier to go by 25s every update instead of the usual 30s.

Now, one main concern with a level 125 change is obviously the 25:25:25:25 split in a Savant build Or even a 250/3 Savant build. As 25% of 250 is unfortunately 62.5 and 1/3rd of 250 is even worse at 83.333 repeating ( :nauseated_face: ) so that causes some concern at this point as that isn’t a whole number. But this isn’t a build ruiner, so to speak. But I do acknowledge that this is the main problem with this suggestion.

Two, are for the sake of Aura and Focus.
This particularly pertaining Magic Hybrid builds, especially Warlock. As a level 125, they should be capable of using it at that stage. A mage would unlock them way easier of course, although since level requirements become more demanding the more derived your build gets from a pure stat build. This can make Hybrid builds a bit more viable when it comes to Magic. Even Savants become more viable with this change.

Three, awakenings. While I understand this is just in its conceptual stages, the second awakening was said to be available at level 250. having the level cap at 125 makes it a very nice and intuitive jump of:
First mind — 125 levels —> Second Mind — 125 levels —> Third Mind

or I guess just make the final level cap 990 or 1020. Makes it easy.



I have no idea what the entire first half is going on about but this makes sense to my tiny ooga booga brain:

suggestions are closed

awakenings story part is meant to be around level 120, not required to be level 120 dumbass

magic hybrids are meant to not have access to everything at the same time as pure builds, I don’t see why the Aura and Focus spells should make the suggested level for the awakenings story quest be 125

240/3 = a nice round 80, 240/4 = a nice round 60 (why the fuck would you make it a four way savant anyways dumbass, you’re gonna be doing 0 damage and getting nothing out of that 180 hp)

250/3 = 83.333 inf, 250/4 = 62.5
you’re telling me this is cleaner?

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125 is a nice number as it’s 1/8 of 1000

it’s talking about stat point allocation for different hybrid builds

oh, math. :sleeper:

savant weapons?

so weapons that scale 3 ways?

As someone who’s just gonna use pure builds (mage and berserker) I don’t not disagree with this idea

yea, just fuse a strength weapon with arcanium, it was mentioned as a possible thing a while ago

vetex quite explicitly stated that the level cap is open to suggestions.

Either way, I already talked about how it isn’t as clean for Savants. But either way, those playing Savants are going to go into optimization anyway. meaning as long as 15% works then it isn’t build-breaking, but I understand how that can be problematic.

by testers dumbass

so that’s a weapon that scales with: weapons, magic, strength

so what is the vitality used for??

Spirit Weapons.

why are u so rude and condescending to everyone who doesnt spend 8 hours a day tracking the trello and discord


it might be possible to make a completely four way weapon, but no methods have been mentioned


I was gonna say that but I was scared I was gonna look like the bad guy

Reasonable, but then 1k absolute cap isn’t a guaranteed and mainly space if the story goes that far

Suggestions are currently closed.