Suggestion: tailing missions

An idea for a new type of quest in AO: Tailing missions where you follow a character as they walk. To make the quests feel more involved, the NPCs’ walkspeeds should be slower than player walkspeed, so the player has to frequently stop. After creating this type of quest, Vetex would be free to copy and paste these all over the map, changing the locations and characters. I think that this would be a really fun addition to the game.

Robin has acquired a firearm

(This is a replacement for the other joke suggestion I made that got deleted because I used the s*x word too many times.)

(Yes, I am aware. I just wanted to make my opinion on these types of quests known)

this sounds like a total coding nightmare, isn’t really necessary, doesn’t make that much sense overall, etc
overall this sounds boring
would you, as a player, want to just follow around a super slow npc for a while?

Meme suggestion, nobody likes tailing missions.

This gives me Assassins creed vibes. :nod: