Suggestion Thread

Did you miss the chance to get the suggestor role?

Did the mods ignore your application for the role?(me)

Fret not, my dear friends! This thread will be made to post suggestions and if a suggestor likes the idea, they will help you post it.

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Magic and Strength builds can adjust the size of their attacks. Shouldn’t weapon builds be able to adjust the size of their weapons attacks, too?

meh it would make alot of attacks be way too similar

Suggestion 1.
The game was a hit (to me atleast), and the way to keep it like that is to make small/(easy?) updates with big impact.
Combat level scaling - Mirages/Side bosses/Mini Bosses/Captains would gain damage - [reduction from-increase to] players that are [higher] level than [Reccomended] level, this would be mainly focused on bosses-pvp.

Possible Theory & example -
The Combat level scaling takes effect after 50 lvl’s above reccomended level to fight the boss and increases either [every level or 25]
The current reccomended : Elius level 50~/Health 1.5k | Argos 75~/health 3k | Calvus 100~/Health 4.5k
After Combat level scaling :
Player lvl 100: Elius Health 3k | Argos Health 3k| Calvus Health 4.5k
Player lvl 125: Elius Health 4.5k| Argos Health 4.5k| Calvus Health 4.5k
Player lvl 150: Elius Health 6k| Argos Health 6k|Calvus Health 6k

-The health will actually stay the same so several different level people could deal damage at the same rate
-This doesn’t apply to first time story bosses, no matter what your lvl currently is.
-Would reduce max level players overpowering 95% of the pve content in game.
-It would keep the [rare] drops value thorough the game due to difficulty in obtaining.
-Content like sky islands/fort talos/ and later ravenna wouldn’t be forgotten/abandoned after single playthrough.
-Normal npc’s shouldn’t be included in Combat Level Scaling, as they usually outnumber players, and feel enjoyable to overpower to the player base.
-Gold/Reward drop increase with scaling.

It’s completely out of my league to give accurate math formulas of the actual increase/decrease, additional reward gain, who gets focused on the scaling, pvp applicability, since I don’t know the actual values/priorities/logic of the game and it’s future.

Suggestion 2
My purpose is to increase replayability while taking the things already done and adding several things to completely change it
Fort talos is as beautiful and nicely modeled as every other island, Heavily guarded by strong npc’s and cannons shoots every ship coming nearby, makes it a perfect reason for everyone to avoid it.
Possible way’s to add make It playable.
Quest for exp whilst in sailor’s lodge to raid/Steal or Destroy supplies/
Secret passage is sealed after you completed the main story, making the only entrance/'s from inner fort to the boss

Add Hermit as a mini boss.

Suggestion 3
The thin layer above ground like carpet in king’s calvus room, or the grass above ground that doesn’t get destroyed somehow floating on thin air, has a 99% of trapping players underneath while taking away all their vision should disappear with the terrain below it


those are what the mirror shard suggestion is for

this topic feels illegal

Oh someone had a similar idea, tho mine’s leaning towards a much faster thing to code and update

Probably is

  1. We should have an option to remove the server list from the screen. Maybe Vetex ran out of keybinds, but some people don’t like having the server list showing on the screen.
  2. We should have an option to disable spell chat bubbles. I don’t know if this is just me, but I don’t like it when the spell chat bubbles obscure my vision.

I mean, some people’s applications literally got ignored, soo

And some other people could still have good ideas for the game.