Summerhold Ch. 11 "Dark Mansion"

Ever since the attack on the wizards in the cloudy skies, all of the dark wizards had regrouped within a dark mansion, all taking a seat along a large table.

“Greetings, my followers.”
Cassandra would sit and the end of the table at the middle.

“I have word that we have information about the King’s whereabouts.”
Cassandra said.

Just then, a women named Ruby had opened the door into their room and looked at the crowd.

“Ruby, i was starting to believe you had died during our attack.”
Cassandra would laughingly say.

“The young boy, William, has claimed the rune from the sky temple.”
Ruby would say in an almost emotionless tone.

Cassandra would then slam the table.

“Aaron Ketch!”
She screamed at the tall man in their meeting.

“Have i not asked for you to keep them away from it!?”
Cassandra would question the traitor.

“My lord-”
Aaron would try speaking but would be lifted up with telepathy over the table.

“I did it, because William is my son, you also didn’t have the nerve to murder your father!”
Aaron would yell in air.

Cassandra wouldn’t say a single word, knowing that she herself is the one at fault here. She would then absorb away Aaron’s ice magic to her own collection.

Aaron would scream feeling as if his ribs were being pulled out.

“The army is fully prepared for the assault.”
Elliot would enter the room informing his master.

“Knocking would be most implied, no matter, let us lead our army after we all do something…very quick.”
Cassandra would finish in a sinister tone.

“Who would like to murder this traitor, Aaron?”
She would get off her chair and began walking around the everybody seated.

“Come on, surely one of you would prove yourselves as a faithful warrior.”
Cassandra would still get no response.

“Cassandra, please, i can make up for it-”
Aaron would plea for mercy before he managed to break out of the telepathy spell as threw a knife.

Cassandra would lift out her hand allowing it to stab her palm, however, felt no pain.

‘Death Magic!’
Cassandra shot a beam at Aaron dropping him onto the middle of the table, dead.

The entire table of wizards would be in fear, having witnessed a man with great magical powers being toyed around before being murdered.

“Now, Ruby…lead the army, Daniel dies…tonight.”
Cassandra concluded.

“Class dismissed…Hehehe.”
Cassandra would joke as all the wizards got up and exited the mansion.


Daniel and Luciano would start talking together.

“Dad…promise me that whatever happens…we won’t kill her.”
Daniel would tell him.

“Look, she is long gone mate, rehabilitation is almost scarce if not impossible!”
Luciano would reply.

“Remember Aaron Ketch…he was once a dark wizard, he even murdered your and David’s best friend Harry.”
Daniel would remember.

“And yet, when we met him, he instead helped us, knowing that his son was in danger…i will save her.”
Daniel would finish.

“This is why you’re king-”
Luciano would hear rumbling outside Ironport’s gates as magical blasts started to destroy the town.

“Get down!”
Chad Galleon would yell as everybody narrowing dodged a house’s debris flying everywhere.

All of the wizards started to run as Perceval created a shield that would temporarily cover them as they ran. Ruby had walked up to Perceval, but before she could duel him, Fang got in the way blocking deadly magic from hitting Perceval as the both of them began dueling the witch.

-The Last chapter will be out very shortly, thank you-

Really cool. How did they revive Ruby? Also try not to specify her looks, try to keep a more mysterious and ruthless air to her

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C h a d h a s e n t e r e d t h e r o o m

I could make a backstory about her, I’m pretty sure you can do that, so basically most of the dark wizards that Cassandra recruited were from a graveyard including Ruby, and so she resurrected all of them back to life in exchange to serve her.

She’s Fang’s sister, all the backstory you need is in my backstory topic which is featured on my page