Summerhold Ch. 16 "Theory of Vengeance"

Daniel and the other wizards began walking over to Bell Town with Kennedy in magical restraining cuffs.

“What are you going to do, you gonna walk me to death?”
Kennedy would jokingly say before getting pushed by Chad.

“Its not too far from now.”
Daniel would inform them.

“Hey, Chad…ever met a man named Elliot Water?”
Kennedy would speak with Chad.

“Kennedy, silence.”
Fang would command him.

“…What if i told you that not all of the villains were captured during that second war?”
Kennedy ignored Fang.

“He is…still out there?”
Chad would fearfully say.

Fang would then push Kennedy even harder.

“H-hey, Praise Zeus, I’m kidding…that’s not what really happened.”
Kennedy joked.

“Then what did really happen?”
Chad replied wanted to know more.

“There was a group of members who disproved of Spencer’s rule, even to the point of where they would band together and murder him, including your rival.”
Kennedy spoke.

"Granted, they were all immensely powerful, but Spencer managed to over power them all, and much like the Minotaur, they were resurrected into Wraiths. "
Kennedy finished.

Fang’s eyes began darkening with anger.

“I heard that they even have increased power when they come in contact with those they hate the most-”
Kennedy would be cut off by Fang pointing a shadow scythe at him.

“We’ve heard enough.”
Daniel spoke to the Card-Trickster before being a hand gesture to restrain Fang.

All of them set up tends at the middle of the night and began to sleep, with Kennedy being binded up onto a pole.

Chad would find himself near the top of a pyramid-like temple, the skies were bleeding red and Daniel, Fang, Alastair, Zackary, Bethany and even Kennedy were all mutilated on the steps.

A grey figure started walking along with a magic-mutated Spencer.

“I never wanted it to be this way…i never had.”
Elliot would speak.

Spencer then walked closer to Chad stared him in the eyes with darkened eyes and white hair, and punched his skull into the floor with blood spraying everywhere.

Chad would wake up in shock.

“Don’t tell me your having dreams about what i said.”
Kennedy spoke while cuffed onto a pole.

“How did you know-”
Chad would be cut off.

“Lucky guess. Just what are the chances we’re actually going to beat Spencer?”
Kennedy would reply.

“Wait…what do you mean, we are?”
Chad would question.

“…Look, i’m not one for dying out of beliefs…i was among the people who rebelled against Spencer, however i ran away.”
Kennedy would inform him.

“You…are a coward!”
Chad would disgustingly say.

“…I just cannot die before saying goodbye to…her.”
Kennedy would seemingly let out a single tear.

“Do you honestly think that she would forgive you, for becoming a dark wizard in the first place, murdering, tricking over people’s money?”
Chad would quickly reply to Kennedy.

“…Nobody, can be good enough for the one they love, even for a hero.”
Kennedy would conclude his sentence.

“You should get rest, Daniel only said we’re close to relieve our anguish.”
Kennedy spoke.

Chad would look out at the sky, looking at the stars with the dark sky covering the once bright atmosphere.

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I apologize for not uploading in under 3 days, i just had some stuff to put off my plate before i could write again, i hope you enjoyed this chapter, and lets hope for god’s sake Chad’s dream is false, and that Elliot, really didn’t survive. Thanks for reading.