Summerhold Ch. 4 "King Daniel and Luciano Drake" (Edit: Revamped)

Luciano brings Daniel to his temple located far away near the town ‘Snow Folk’ in order to master his newly enhanced fire abilities.

“We’re here, Daniel.”
Luciano would let out a chilling breath in the cold temperatures.

“This is where I trained my Wind abilities, on these dummies, go ahead hit one.”
Daniel, Smirking, let out his hand and shot the dummy turning it to ashes.

“Not that intense, Genius!” Luciano would snarl at him. “You said for me to hit it, you didn’t say how intense i should hit it.”
Daniel would laughingly reply.

“Right…true, I guess we’ll need a stronger dummy for you then, perhaps made of metal or anything else that absorbs heat?”
Luciano suggested.

“Come on, dad, this is really narrowing down what I can do, I want to unleash my full-potential!” Daniel would nag to Luciano.

“Take that out on some trees in the forest, we want to master your abilities, not master how to burn down your old man’s temple!”
Daniel would storm off exiting the temple.

Daniel would blast rounds upon hotter rounds on trees, hoping he might hit a two in one. Hours have passed on releasing his anger out on trees he finally restrains himself, lays down and rest, when he gets back up he spots…David, his original father standing right in front of him.

He runs towards him only to trip on a rock and fall over, he quickly recovers and looks up to see that its Luciano.

“Son, are you alright?”
Luciano would question him worried.

“Yeah, I- I just miss…you know, David.”
Daniel would look down on the floor embarrassed.

“Look, i know its very troubling, but we must train, if we want vengeance on them.”
Luciano responding in a relaxed manner.

“I don’t want revenge, i just want things to be normal.”
Daniel protested.

“Come, Dinner is ready.”

They both sat silently in the temple, wanting to speak, but having no subjects to talk about. Until a man with purple hair…and a yellow overcoat walked in, surprisingly unaffected by the cold.

“Get down!”
Luciano told Daniel, and then both narrowly dodged glass shards at protruded from the man’s hand.

“Call me…Takeshi, you may know me by my books about- Oh right, I’m supposed to murder you both-”
Luciano would blast a gust a wind that would push Takeshi out of the temple. Both father and son got out and began to duel the Dark Wizard!

Many rounds of Wind, Fire and Glass would clash against each other, with Takeshi seemingly dancing in glee.

“I thought the old man would have broken down, just like…what’s his name, David?”
Takeshi would smile at Daniel.

Daniel would yell in disgust before shooting a blue wave of fire at Takeshi.

“That’s new…”
Takeshi examined, and in a split second, Takeshi ran up to Daniel while the flames covered him.

“But not in a different formation, unoriginality at its finest!”
Before Takeshi could stab Daniel, Luciano would dash in the way and push him backwards.

“Its been fun, but i should get going now.”
Takeshi smiled at them both, he lifted his hands high up in the air and would lunge thousands of shards at them both. Luciano summoned a wall of wind that would block all of the shards except for two, that would slice his leg and stab his chest.

Luciano would drop to the ground, alive, but unable to move.

“Last words, hothead?!”
He yelled at Daniel, Daniel would attempt to swiftly shoot a fire beam at the former-celebrity, but he would manage to stab Daniel in the arms with shards.

Daniel groaned in pain, however, powering through, he released all of the magical energy he had and slammed the ground with flaming fists, summoning a Phoenix of fire.

“Oh s-”
before Takeshi could finish his profanity, Daniel would blast Takeshi into the walls of the temple. Daniel would remove the shards from his arms, and then help Luciano up.

“Didn’t expect you to master that move so soon, I’m proud”

Both Father and son would walk up to the Assassin.

“State your intensions, Takeshi.”
Luciano vaguely whispered.

“Well, ever since my career died, I needed some way to get some money, you know.”
Takeshi wiped his fringe up.

“And damn, Your sister is scary yet smoking hot, Dani-”
Luciano would slam Takeshi’s head into the wall rendering him unconscious.

The Magic Council would arrive along with Perceval Salore and The Exiled.

“We have been tracked this freak ever since he committed that mass murder over at that coliseum.”
Exiled muffled his words in a metallic voice under his helmet.

“Just wondering if you could assist us with something.”
Daniel said.

“My king?”
Perceval curiously said.

“We’re creating an army to defeat Icarus Ketch’s dark forces, i request that my kingdom joins the Magic Council to bring them down, is that possible?” Daniel spoke carefully as to not have them say No.

“If its for a good cause, then be our guest, call us when you’re ready, we will prepare all of our troops and infiltrate their bases, may we all die with a flaming passion.”
The Head Captain replied in a dark, yet comforting tone.

-Next Chapter, All the troops get ready to combat Icarus and their armies, many will die, who will prevail?"

Wow you wrote like so many parts in one day its shocking

I was thinking about a series in my head for a long time, when i came onto this site, i had to release it all instead of let it fester inside me ‘-’