Summerhold Ch. 6 "Prison Break"

-Season 2-

Cassandra Silver’s rule would be over for 5 months now, she would spend her days in her cell.

“Execution in an hour, Cassandra Silver, Reinhardt Graves, and the Minotaur, please aboard the ship after you’ve finished your last meal.”
A magical voice would be echoed throughout the prison.

All 3 of them would enjoy their last meal, except for Cassandra and Takeshi who would sit talking for an oddly long time.

“Take my hair, brew a potion with it, and drink it.”
Cassandra spoke.

“And wear my clothes.”
She concluded.

Takeshi would agree to this before all of the prisoners of would aboard the ship, The Minotaur would be roped up, and paralyzed on the prison floor, Azazel would simply be in a cell with magic restraining cuffs, and Cassandra would be roped to a wall, as wizards would point their hands to her.

“What was Icarus to you, Cassandra…a father?”
One of the guards spoke, but wouldn’t get an answer.

Cassandra’s face started to misshapen, when it was done molding, it was instead Takeshi that was disguised with a potion.

“Good evening Gentlemen.”
Takeshi would let out a cheerful laugh afterwards.

Meanwhile, on the top deck, on the guard’s face would misshapen, that he would reveal to be Cassandra Silver! With one swift motion, she teleported behind the Captain Steering the ship, and incinerated him, and took control of the ship, the guards down below deck would be thrown away from Takeshi due to the troubling steering. When this happened, a knife had slide under Azazel’s cell and to his feet, he picked it up and unlocked the cuffs, he blasted open the cell and murdering each guard under deck before he would release Takeshi and the Minotaur and all three would meet Cassandra up on deck.

“Cease control of the ship, or we’ll open fire!”
Two ships behind them would roar out.

“Storm magic.”
Cassandra would lift up one of her hands off of the wheel and point to the sky, and then, lighting bolts and tornados starting forming.

Each bolt would start blasting the ships, and the tornado splitting the ships apart, Takeshi would let out an maniacally laugh as they would try to shoot cannonballs at them. When all of the ships were destroyed as well as the men onboard them. She would greet her 3 followers.

“You’ve done well, Takeshi.”
She would enchant him giving him new abilities.

She would then heal up Azazel’s exposed skull on his face when he fought Daniel.

“Arugh…how…oh no!”
The Captain whispered.

The Captain onboard would awaken after the brutal attack and would charge at Cassandra, she would telepathically control the Captain, slash open his chest and made him walk the plank, and then the sharks came and consumed him.

“Let the new dark era, begin!”
Claimed Cassandra.

-Heads up, I’ve decided to make the “Ironport” series canon, for I will have it play a major part in this season, thank you.-

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The series is back, with season II, be free to reply your character’s name Magic, Name, Personality, and if they’re a hero or villain, last chance, thank you.

This is one of the first times i’ve actually thoroughly read an entire piece of writing :nod:

I thought i hadn’t written ENOUGH work, thanks for the compliment.

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