Summerhold Ch. 7 "Murder Mystery"

The whole village of Summerhold are enjoying their dinner in the massive dining hall, with Chad Galleon enjoying his meal as he performed magics trick to children.

King Daniel would smile upon this crowd as he watched them all.

“I see you’re doing better than your father.”
Luciano smiled at Daniel.

Daniel would hug his father.

“I thought the injuries killed you.”
Daniel wondered.

“I’ve lived for 40 years, i won’t be brought down by a simple slash to the chest, he should’ve went for the throat…”
Luciano laughingly said.

A group of 5 bandits entered the room, after being recruited by Daniel to help serve their town, one of them having long, spikey hair with horns, and would look slightly shorter than most while attracting a lovely lavender smell.

“Fang Percy, pleasure to meet you.”
Fang would pull out his hand to give him a handshake.

“Pleasure to meet you too.”
Daniel would shake his hand.

The new recruits would also take a seat and enjoy their dinner with the crowd while Fang simply went up against a corner and watched. Many hours would pass by and everybody would be sent to sleep, a citizen would water his plants before he went to bed. A man dressed in black would approach and citizen and split his skull in two.

“Hey, i know these people are annoying as hell, but murdering is an offence.”
Chad would stare the large figure in the eyes.

The man cloaked in darkness would grab out his axe in a fight position.

“Oh yeah?”
Chad would laughingly crystalize his arm into a large spike.

A large group of people could be heard walking towards the two, despite the murderer’s large frame, he would scatter away fast.

“Chad Galleon, you have been caught right handed murdering a citizen, the penalty is 20 years in prison!”
The Guards would yell at him.

“No, it wasn’t me, it was some big beefy dude, besides, I’m left handed, not right!”
Chad would plea.

Before Chad would continue convincing them, he would be covered by snow by Fang and put into prison.

The next day everybody would see Fang in one of the cells exposed to the crowd’s everyone would Boo him in disgust.

“He is not guilty!”
Daniel would try to chat with the guards.

“You may be king, but you don’t have the authority to release this name without evidence!”
The Captain yelled at the King ignoring his occupation.

“Then we’ll find our own!”
Daniel would lead Fang and others to look for clues.

Many hours of searching the two would get very exhausted and may consider Chad guilty. The two would find large footprints in the grass leading into a tower.

“Any Citizens that had reached that kind of mass?”
Fang would chillingly ask the king.

“None at all-”

Screaming could be heard from in the Centre of town as the Cloaked figure would tear a civilian in half.

“That looks like…”
Fang would try to figure who is before the murderer spoke.

“My name is the Minotaur, This castle was created in 10 days, so too, will it be destroyed!”
The Minotaur threw his cloak off and began attacking civilians and murdering guards.

“Told them…”
Chad would whisper to himself.

“Attack on the right, i will go on the left.”
King Daniel would tell Fang as he agreed.

The 2 would combat the Minotaur with Fang dodging multiple attacks while rapidly blasting the Minotaur with Shadow magic, while Daniel would get hit once or twice, but would deal heavy and powerful attacks. The Minotaur waited for Daniel to let his guard down, the Minotaur kneeled down.

“Is he done?”
Daniel would question himself.

But then the Minotaur swiftly threw his axe at Daniel, knocking him through a glass window and would be knocked out.

“You will experience a bloodier fate!”
Minotaur roared at Fang.

“Not for this month!”
Fang replied.

The two would be eventually matched, however, due to the low dmg he inflicted on the Minotaur and lack of energy, his movement would slow down, and once he did, the Minotaur would grab his arm, and snap it.

Fang would groan in pain.

The Minotaur would pick up Fang slam him into the floor multiple times before throwing him into a building.

“He is going to kill him, dammit, release me now!”
Chad would try to convince the guards but wouldn’t get a response.

“Oh, bloody hell, screw it!”
Chad yelled as be exploded upon the cage, knocking the guards over and ran to the Minotaur.

Chad would crystalize both of his arms, and would slice open the Minotaur’s chest in a X formation before he shot an explosive blast at him.

“Death Magic!”
Fang would reply in an dark, raspy tone as his arms grew large with darkness and his eyes would glow red.

He would sprint towards the Minotaur, the beast would try swinging his axe at Fang, but he would duck down, dig his arm into chest, and tore the Minotaur’s heart out, ending the Tyrant’s rage.

“Praise Zeus!”
Chad would witness the blood spraying everywhere.

Fang would deactivate his Death Magic and dropped the Beast’s oversized heart.

“He was in death row, he was going to die either way.”
Fang informed him.

Daniel would limp up to the both of them and thank them for saving this town from the beast’s terror.

-Meanwhile in a Orphanage-

“Has the Minotaur succeeding in murdering Daniel?”
Cassandra questioned Azazel.

“He had been murdering by a man named Fang Cobalt Percy.”
The wraith would tell Cassandra.

She would then throw the chair into a wall breaking it!

“Augh, to hell with these heroes, that man will pay, for that he has done!”
Cassandra screamed.

She would recollect her temper.

“Have you found William Ketch here?”
She would answer him.

“We have the boy, he is indeed magical, like Icarus said.”

Cassandra would giggle, and the giggles would turn into laughter.

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Thats Ch.7 wrapped up, I hope the users of Chad Galleon and Fang Cobalt Percy liked how i used their character and a new Chapter will be well on its way as well as a planned Prequel for both Luciano and King David Silver when they were in their youth fighting dark wizards, Later.

Yes, I loved that.


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Glad you did.

I can’t believe you put in Fang and Minotaur’s rivalry, that’s pretty cool and I just noticed

The only thing I would say about this is Fang’s eye doesn’t glow red when using death magic, it turns black and emanates death magic

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Auh s-
Guess i could edit it.

no no you’re fine lmfao



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Poor chad niceman

These magic guards are too quick to assume-

Wouldn’t it be wacky if chad actually used :explosion_magic: :acid_magic_var2: :ash_magic: instead?

Or maybe :gold_magic_var1: :poison_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var2:

Percival this is the last time I ask u to change magics but is it possible for u to make Chad’s three magics actually :explosion_magic: :ash_magic: :acid_magic_var2:

Promise I won’t ask again :slight_smile:

Oh s- i just finished Ch. 8 Damn, i will sure to include these new powers in Ch. 9 xD

Lol ok

I have a idea.

How about chad galleon encounters his rival, who hes also friends with, Gilbert lamina, the gold wizard.

:gold_magic_var1: :lightning_magic_var3: :crystal_magic_var3:

Is he a real player? cuz its best to have his permission to use him in my story.

Hes my alt

Ah, alright, sure. I will either use him for this season finale in which he’ll duel you, or even possibly season 3’s villainous character.

No hes also a good guy, the idea is chad and gilbert have been buds since childhood, both went their separate ways and both became strong heroes and rivals.

However, elliot water met a different fate…

Elliot is a magma user, he could be good for a villain