Summerhold Prequel: "Icarus Ketch: Cold Hearted" (Edit: Revamped)

Born into the Ketch family in Stoneburg, he would quickly adopt his ice powers at a very young age of 5 year-old. His family disliked his magic, considering that they themselves weren’t magical and thought of Icarus as a freak, he had absorbed all of the hate through his childhood and teenage years and simply restrained himself.

Icarus was a white-haired, skinny man with a paper-white skin as well with one of his pupils being white and would often dress in a black tuxedo. He would spend most of his days wondering near junkyards practicing his magical powers at large objects, three-boys at the same age as he was who had bullied him for years and years beaten him up with sharp materials, Icarus wouldn’t cry or react to these injuries, however, on this particular day, something dark flowed within him, he felt as if he were feeling a powerful flash go into his hands and with one swift hand gesture, all three of them would be turned into ice-sculptured before being smashed to pieces by Icarus.

He would walk back home, knowing that his family would most likely think of a stupid reason to abuse him, instead, the magic council was at his house after they reported seeing 3 young-teenagers remains in a junkyard, his family would point at Icarus and yell "He did it!’ his own family sold him, the only people who were even an inch of caring had ruined everything, hearing this…he would either go to jail, or destroy EVERYTHING! He lifted his hands high in the air and slammed the ground before the Guards could react and 45% of the village would be reduced to
ice and snow, after this, his own family and the guards…were in pieces.

More guards would arrive having witnessed this and they all began to duel Icarus, despite very little fighting style Icarus had at the time, he managed to over-power each and every single one of them.

“Freezing Blizzard!”
Icarus yelled out to the guard, and the whole town began slowly turning into the ice-age, along with the guards.

Once he was done, he smiled.

“I’ve hated this town…just how long could a hungry beast like me restrain myself?”

Once he was finished, he packed his best suit, took some food and a magic guide book, and sailed off into the great, dark islands, recruiting people, and teaching them the most dangerous spells.