Suncry 😳

i am pleased to announce i have now solo’d suncry to superior
about 2.5 months to farm roughly 550 infamy. not too shabby
if you havent noticed, i am extremely proud of myself :)


Now you are officially beyond salvation and sanity
How did you even managed to find people to get infamy

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farmed off mostly bank guilds and little timmy “we kill suncry” guilds

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Surprised you didn’t just get randomly kicked from that guild bug a bunch of times.

only happened once

Lol noobs! :rofl:


2.5 months = 550 infamy??? why so low. i got like 1k infamy in 2 months :fr: (totally did not pull all nighters to farm, and i kinda carried spear to average)

  1. dead game
    i would seriously go hours without a single guild most days
  2. i dont pull all nighters

true, no one has a guild now, and they are so fucking passive these days, like i am passive but they 10000000 times more passive then me… me and percy were chasing kids for fun and a god damn gold user with power build started running with his 2 friends… i was on like 3000 ping cuz eu server

I’ve been seeing an increase in guilds lately

:skull: i mean i might make my 4th guild to rookie or something

Well start farmin if you want to.


Im assuming its a different percy

leader of spearbreak (we climbed from new guild all the way to average even though we got farmed by aabraham (like 300 infamy) armanda and other lb guilds, we are not that good at pvp which makes farming more hard. so respect for the grind to lb :pray:

i got a bunch of invis guilds to rookie then i disbanded the guild cuz once you reach rookie, new guilds wont try and attack you

congrats ig?

Damn congrats, to bad it all goes away in AO tho.